Ever feel like the world’s tryna tell you something?

One thought on “Ever feel like the world’s tryna tell you something?”

  1. Certainly do feel you and that balance is tough. You gotta eat, gotta have rent and electricity and food. But you have to feed your soul too. I had a safety net once: quit my job and wrote full time for 3 months. Finished an entire book in that short period. It was FANTASTIC! Until it was over and I had the pleasure of finding another day job. Maybe a breather is in order–a short stint to recharge the storyteller in you, to let her roam and be free. As Anthony Hopkins said in the Wolfman, “The monster will out.” set the monster free. Take a breath, take a leap. Write with wanton abandon while you freefall. Love every moment of it. Just have somewhere to land.

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