Snippet: Cass and Her Blue #Demon #erotic #romance #paranormal

I’m in the home stretch, and I’ve set myself a publication date in early August for my first paranormal erotic romance. I’m freaking out, but in a good way. Here’s a snippet. In this clip Cass has just found out something unbelievable…

Eyoen’s face hardened, and her eyes widened as a shadow of who he really was wafted over him. He saw her step back and got a hold of himself. He would never hurt her, not even unintentionally, but having a temper tantrum would not help his cause.

“I know it’s difficult to believe, my love. But I can assure you, all that I say is true, and I can prove it to you. I had hoped to delay this moment. To deepen the bond I can feel growing between us, but I know you are suspicious of me, unsure, and confused about my seemingly changed behavior.” He shrugged. “And quite honestly, I can’t bear to lie to you any longer. I want to be with you as myself. I want to take you home to meet my family.”

“You have no family, Lee” Cass whispered. “You’re an orphan.”

Eyoen stared at the woman he’d come to love more than his own life and knew that he’d have to do something drastic to convince her of the truth. He locked the door.

Cass turned sharply when she heard the click and then back to him. “How did you do that?”

He smiled sadly. “That’s the least of what I can do, my dear.”

She shook her head. “We’ll make an appointment for you tomorrow. This is probably some residual head trauma or something. I knew you were doing too much. No one heals that quickly. You –”

“I do, Cass,” he said gently. “I want you to sit down.”

She shook her head, frowning as she walked toward him. “I think you should rest, baby. I’ll lie down with you, and –”


She stared at him, having never heard him speak to her in that sharp definitive tone before. But then, Eyoen knew very well, outside of their bed, she wasn’t used to him behaving in a dominant way at all.

“It’s best she get used to it, sire,” Rierdane said. “I think you should get tough.”

Get tough?

Rierdane nodded. “Yes, you must force her to see the truth. Show her who you really are physically. Then she won’t have any choice, she’ll have to believe you.”

“Sit down, my dear. I want to show you something. Me actually,” he laughed, and hers eyes widened at the deeper timber of his voice. That more than his request made her sit down on the bed.

In reality Cass had no choice; her knees had given out.

“Be at ease, my love. No matter what I look like, I’m still the same man that you love,” he whispered, and then he began to change.

His disguise, Lee’s host body, fell away. The bright blue eyes faded in a fierce glow of gold as his features sharpened, his cheekbones grew higher, his nose stronger, straighter, slighter wider. When the lightly tanned hue of his skin deepened to a rich, lovely blue she blinked in shock.

“My God.” She watched, appalled as he seemed to stretch before her eyes. His body elongated until he’d grown almost half a foot and broadened just as much. His hair was no longer blond but a black so deep it was almost blue and shone like new money even as it clung gently to the scalp around his neat, slightly pointed ears.

She stared, her mouth opening and closing, eyes so wide, he wondered they didn’t pop from her head. He heard her swallow and reached out to her. His eyes widened when she leapt up and moved swiftly away from him.

She snatched up a letter opened from her desk and brandished it like a weapon.

“I don’t know what kinda shit you’re pulling, or who you are, but you better stay your big ass back, or you’re gonna be sorry.”

He sighed and took a step closer, intending to console her, to assuage the fear he could feel coming off of her in waves, but Cass leapt back again, slashing at him with her impromptu blade.

“Get outta my fuckin’ house!” she screamed. “Lee! Lee!”

Irritated beyond reason he raised a hand, and Cass watched in appalled shock as her weapon flew from her hand to his. And he didn’t hold it. Eyoen closed his hand around the slender silver wand, and it simply vanished.

“Lord have mercy,” she whispered, a hand to her throat.

“I know this is shocking.”

Cass barked out an incredulous laugh and gave him a look like, you think?

“One minute, I’m Lee, the boyfriend you’ve known and loved. The next I’m a blue demon from a star you’ve never heard of. But I still love you, Cassidy,” he whispered, and he let waves of sadness flow from his body to hers. It was unfair, but he wasn’t adverse to using a little magic to lure her to his way of thinking. The decision to accept or deny him was hers to make, but there were no rules to say he couldn’t pull out all the stops as the Earthlings liked to say.

Tears fell then. Cass whimpered in confusion and fear. His heart clenched as he felt her mind race frantically. She wondered if she should scream, but if Priti and Boyd were there she didn’t want to endanger them. Plus, she was pretty sure they weren’t home. She wondered if she could make a break for it, race for the phone, then the door. Would a knee to the balls work on this creature? Did it even have balls? And what had happened to Lee? Where was he?

“Lee!” she screamed. “Lee! Boyd!”

“They’re not here, Cass,” Eyoen said calmly.

She tensed as he stepped slowly closer. He held his hands up in the air, why he had no idea, but it seemed like the right thing to do. He felt the adrenaline coursing through her as she prepared to run, but then she recalled that locked door, and her fear grew exponentially. When he sent a wave of calm to her, she would have sunk to the ground and bawled her eyes out had he not snatched her up before she could touch the floor.

Gently he laid her on her bed. He stroked her arms and her back, pulling her against his chest so she could catch his scent. He continued to stroke her despite the stiff rejection in her limbs, and after awhile the pheromones that made Cyani royals so attractive in the first place, began to work on her and the fear faded.

“There now,” he whispered. “Now you’re calm. You can see I don’t want to hurt you. I would never hurt you, Cass, and you know that. You’re just startled. It’s a lot to take in all at once, with no preparation.”

She shifted against him, restless, fretful movements that rubbed her full breasts against him. He willed his cock not to harden.

“A moment ago, I didn’t believe in aliens,” she said, the shock still audible.

He chuckled softly. “And now you know for certain they exist, and one of them has fallen in love with you.” He shifted, cradling her in his arms, one of his long legs pushing in between hers. “I’ve been watching you for a long time, Cass. Thanks to my seer, watching your life has become my favorite TV show.”

He could feel her shock, but she was also listening. “I’ve spent countless hours watching you live, watching you do interviews and listening to you play music. Though nothing could compare to that first time I heard you live. You know, at Univision? That was so wonderful,” he said reverently, and she perked up hearing that deeply impressed tone. “You had the audience in the palm of your hand. You’ll get terribly conceited when I tell you how many stiff cocks there were hiding behind baseball caps and clip boards in that studio. All because of that magic you play with your voice and guitar.”

He knew had her attention now. “I petitioned my father, the King, to come here to woo you. I thought I would court you, the way humans do. But the only way I could come was to use a host body,” he repeated. “It came as quite a shock when I realized exactly whose body I’d been given.

“It felt quite strange, inhabiting another man’s body, a lover you didn’t know was gone. I worried over it. It seemed rude, indelicate, almost like cheating in a way, but I couldn’t turn away from this chance. There was no way I could leave you alone when I had a chance for us to be together. I’ve been wanting you so long,” he whispered, shaking his head. He leaned forward as though to kiss her, and felt his heart thud in disappointment when she moved back.

He knew it was too early, but he couldn’t help himself. “Do you think that you could love me?” He asked softly…


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