Romance Genre Haters Suck

I’ve been scrapping via email with someone who honestly believes the romance genre has no value, that it debases women and get this, contributes to the degradation of literary genres in general. A, could someone be more pretentious? And B, how could a billion dollar industry be without value?!?!?!? Romance novels are loved by women literally … Continue reading Romance Genre Haters Suck

In Defense of Alpha Males

Had an interesting conversation with a recent romance convert. She favors good old fashioned Harlequins, which I started reading at like, age 13 (shhh!!) and still love dearly (Robyn Donald emailed me not too long ago!), but she recently discovered erotica: the Jaid Blacks, Lori Fosters and Susan Johnsons of the genre. She likes the freedom and enjoys the sex, but … Continue reading In Defense of Alpha Males

Psychological Trauma

I figured something out the other day: I get sick when I don’t write. My symptoms are not unlike a grueling bout of PMS: irritability, difficulty concentrating, the usual hormonal issues that crop up when your insides are doing the dance and preparing for cycle’s end. PMS, however, can be managed. Diet, exercise, sleep, water, … Continue reading Psychological Trauma

Making Myself Sick

All self-help fans raise your hands. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take the quizzes in magazines like O and Self, and pay attention to those rather simplistic tally-the-points summations that appear at the end of the article. I took one recently and found that a fear of perfection could be stalling my writing…I suspected it … Continue reading Making Myself Sick

Stalking Writers

I spent the weekend with my head in several old Jayne Ann Krentz novels. I started stalking her a few weeks ago – stalking meaning reading all of her old work, not hanging out near her home hoping she’ll drop a Kleenex – and while I’ve always been a fan, I must say reading several … Continue reading Stalking Writers